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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 530PM  CBS  May 27, 2012 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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the crowds beginning to grow as thousands gathered to celebrate 75th anniversary of golden gate bridge will take you to the heart of the party. dumbarton bridge still closed a progress report on the war, how close crews are to finishing. the vatican in chaos after the pope's personal bollard accused of leaking top-secret documents. calm and ann notorangelo let the celebration began the day on bay area maunders one of the world's most famous bridges, the live picture in san francisco for the golden gate bridge big anniversary party mike sugerman
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is there. look at that thing. that is unbelievable. would drive by it every day it is 75 years old. thousands of people here to enjoy a fireworks letter on not as many some people thought there is music and blues that kind of stuff let me give you a flavor and the things you see this afternoon. what was it like? a lot of people there. the higher the tower the shorter the cables you learned engineering magic. i am the great great great granddaughter john chiang robla in the cable companies that designed the suspension cables. i represent my family a
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tremendous experience both grandfathers worked on the construction, one painted the top this metal is from pacific coast aggregates you needed this to get on the bridge all access i'm 78 years old the first time i've walked across the bridge whether the first time or not a thrill, the lead over the san francisco bay with the boats and alcatraz and you look the other white like walking on the site of an interstate highway which it is. i was scared at the 50th it was more crowded the close the bridge down. i tried to get your 25 years ago but could not make it i live and can feel that go across it all the time would you be here for the 100th? you better believe it. a light that man spirit of
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the year for the 100th, 8 the sidewalk of the bridge close at six bells stopped traffic at 9, a fireworks at 9:30 p.m. at should be a great show there are still room for thousands more to make to the waterfront? absolutely am surprised a few people came they made it difficult to get down here and no one can drive the transportation is o.k. i think they scared a lot of people away not as many people as i thought. will see how the crowds expand throughout the night. their original design for the span to expect for their 91 years ago josef strauss cemented his preliminary sketches into the city engineer construction started in january 1933 a little more than four years later it was completed. in the and it cost 35 and dollars to build that is the
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equivalent of 1.2 billion today. since it opened nearly 2 billion cars have crossed the bridge a go to google's homepage plc this illustration honoring the 70th anniversary of the golden gate bridge. the bridge closed to traffic beginning at 9:00 p.m. fireworks begin at 930 we will star in the pyrotechnics live on cbs s f dot com let's go live 2 mobile 5 on the dumbarton bridge is closed this week and as crews to seismic retrofitting crews are on schedule and and they say there are one-third of the way done, the closure provides time and space to rebuild joints to let the bridge ride out an earthquake. also to install it the latest in engineering technology it can withstand the ground motion we seek from none of and
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we have seen historically over the last 1000 years, the best way to design the bridge we can see in the future. the bridge expected to reopen by tuesday morning commute. a vital link to the bay bridge also closed, first street in san francisco shut down between mission and our street for work on the new trends bay terminal. crews are demolishing the existing road and install a traffic bridge first-rate will not reopen until tuesday morning. two people shot in in san jose one of them a 6 year-old boy died at the scene. police raced to virginia avondale after getting calls before midnight, the second vector and taken to hospital with injuries and not life- threatening. officers say the shooting was gang-related. the 16th homicide in san jose
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this year. syrian government denies it attack villages in the country's central region. more than 90 people killed including more than 30 children. activists say a string of villages were shelled by pro- government forces and gunmen attacked people in the streets and homes. the government says attackers targeted soldiers. united nations security council plans the syrian government. at the vatican and a scandal grows, the pope's personal butler arrested for allegedly leaking sensitive documents. the vatican wants to know who else is involved. the documents are the basis for a new book by an italian journalist shedding light on corruption and infighting at the highest levels of the catholic church. the church's demands for financial transparency from the council of europe.
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the unofficial start of summer but amaral the plant's root for many the storm bears down on two states with a foot of rain and a storm surge. not just in the parade to honor veterans, what makes this parade on the peninsula historic. for the celebrations tonight hope lay low clouds will hold off. coastal clads clout it will warm up mid-week, but want to see the celebration for the golden gate 75.
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a memorial day we can tradition in our nation's capital called rolling thunder. thousands of motorcyclists right from the pentagon across the memorial bridge and the reflecting pool at the national mall in the event in its 20th year honoring those who died captured while serving in military. memorial day marks the
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unofficial start of summer, it is meant to be at a time to remember fallen heroes in san mateo they take a step further. anne mackovic with more. not the kind of operation they train for but for these 42 soldiers operation eagle visit a success. the soldiers from the u.s. army based in kentucky a brigade adopted by several potential the city's supporters raised $55,000 to host them on the three day trip to bay area including this parade in downtown san the tail during you get people lining the streets were happy to see you it is heartwarming a special year for the bread, the 40th anniversary of an event san mateo the first u.s. city to hold a parade honoring veterans coming back from vietnam.
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the only city in the country to have done that 44 years ago, this is the sixth decade of support for my unit which is a company these adopted soldiers receive letters from potential a family's they never met. and it is better than christmas even when the subject is something monday it is a letter and something tangible you can read you get to connect with somebody with get a sense people appreciated but never really visible thank you to all the cities for having us and hosting us for sharing your hearts and time i cannot say thank you enough. san mateo anne mackovic cbs 5 high winds and heavy rent slams to states to 90 the bay area will take a direct hit.
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sunbathers hit the beach in florida despite warnings of an approaching storm girl bears down on the sunshine state and in georgia. for these beach goers. rip current danger is high. people are getting ready for the fierce winds and heavy rains expected tonight. strong winds are pounding the coast of georgia as barrel gets close to shore trouble storm warnings up across the entire georgia coast line
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vacationers are trying to enjoy the last beach day of the holiday season. the storm is trying to push us from the beach but we are here live cars move people away from the shore the service is strong swimming not allowed. servers to try to brave the waves of daytona beach say conditions are dangerous. those waves are crashing it is tough to get out that is when i say it is time to go in the storm expected to make landfall tonight and hit florida and georgia and south carolina. this could produce localized flooding and down trees and power lines that could impact public safety forecasters say the start to drop 8 in. of rain and washout memorial day plans along the southeast coast put before moving out to sea. chicago seized record-
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breaking heat a mercury hit 97 degrees today, thousands flocked to the beach for a dip in the water. it is not been this hot this time of year since 1911 the record then was 94 degrees. and then of course the bay area. this weird weather does not seem seasonal this time of year it can be cool but all the stuff moves in waves, if you have a big heat storage and one part of the country rest assured you have a relatively cool story in another part of the country and were in the cool part of the country now. things will warm up mid-week there is the golden gate bridge and people standing on it. josef strauss it was his engineering company in chicago the got a contract to build a bridge and he was a tireless cheerleader dating to 1916 but
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is first designed was described as an upside-down rattrap. straw's did not genscher did to the design beyond the fact he gracefully stepped aside and let his team of architects and planners designed a beautiful bridge we see today. among them charles ellis and other architects that contributed to the art deco style of the bridge. strauss was the cheerleader. coastal clouds moved into the bay area mid-week we will turn it around, with warming the numbers reflect a fairly mild day. 64 san jose, upper 50s elsewhere. the tonight, it looks like will get the fireworks celebration under way on the golden gate at half past nine, low clouds form letter.
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i hope. at the moment mostly clear skies on the coast patches of low clouds along the coast south of the golden gate. tomorrows sunny and mild for the bay area. for future cast, clouds fell and the shoreline after 10:00 p.m. tonight and then the clear out and will get more sunshine and temperatures warm up beautifully. clear and mile tomorrow. as if all looks like clouds in the morning and high of 60. around the nest of the nation chicago and new york thunderstorms tomorrow. in the east bay low to mid- seventies will do it and in the north bay more of the same. mid-week warming will be back in '80s wednesday and thursday and
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just to cover next week and will cool it off. a kim coyle is here and the giants rely on one bat. he has been delivering all year long. the milkman gets it done. for the second year in a row a wreck on the final lap decides the indy 500. sports next.
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with the yankees in town the a's offense shows a wrong time to go into a slum. the purchase of been one of baseball's highest-paid players someone puts the i black on for you. top of the second this goes into the bleachers of thomas malone. sixth homer for jones. mark texiera strikes again. an opposite field double. former dodger the lead this picture to saddam's the a's, a lot for hits in eight scoreless innings. rafael soriano's completes the shut out. yankees win 2-0. a's have lost nine straight to new york. a long season under something games left take the good with a bad you have good stretches and bad stretches when things go poorly usually not as
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bad as it looks, when things go good you're always that good. giants have orange friday and the marlins have gorgeous sunday. melky cabrera remains red-hot. milkman goes for-4 and hitting. 369 the defense that the giants down time and again on help agone races into the gap. makes the catch. giants have to on in the sixth. buster posies creches want, he settles for an rbi double. 3-2 in bottom of the sex, matt cain in trouble. ryan theriot korbel's a mounts. matt cain except his fifth win of the year giants beat the marlins 3-2 split a four game
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series. super softball regionals tell takes on washington, there's a two run shot over the scoreboard the bears lead 2-0 in the seventh they will go to the college world series if they hang on. at the indy 500 last year's winner was killed as you is on a through out the day. nikon ripe goes into pit row. he posed in and takes up a couple crewmembers. on wednesday it's even worse. the wreck knocked him out of the race, final lap theriot friend keep tries to hang on. the race finishes under
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caution he takes the checkered flag to become the 10th driver to win the indy 503 times. nobody happier than his wife. she washed her husband celebrate with the milk bath. to get the trophy much more important i am so proud of them i said to him today when a guy in the car of steel in the winner's circle. i knew it. did you see him go from 25th to third idol think anybody has done that before. he is a legend pga knave pga final round at colonial jason dufner double bogeyed the ninth. gov goes from the santa the water he triple bogeyed the hole finished his day for over 74. zack johnson since the putt to win it.
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he wins by one stroke for his first win in two years. final round of the senior pga tour. he bogeyed three of his last five holes. at one point he led by nine strokes. chapman wins his first tournament on the champions tour. opening day tennis, the in his williams won her first-round match on the men's side and erotic struggles. he loses to an 80 at the right player. finally on the pitch earthquake in kansas city. not a good day for the quake, the quakes lose two-one. san jose in second place in western conference. would keep our fingers
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crossed for the giants and a's. the a's hopefully will get some power back in the next week. tonight at 630 here we go to the other side of the golden gate, people on in marin side getting ready for tonight's party at their history with the span coming up at 630. that is set for eyewitness news at 530 was sealed in half an hour. news updates on cbs s f dot com good night.
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